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Project #3 – Update 12/1

What I Did Today I spent my class time writing my reflection memo. It was fairly easy to come up with the content, but I was very thorough in my memo, so it took the whole class. I loaded my presentation and examined it as I wrote my memo to ensure that I did not […]

Project #3 Update – 11/21

What I Did Today I finished the final part of the journey. I completed San Francisco and found some excellent pictures to accompany this section. I also finished New York and took a great video clip of the movie to show one of the most exciting parts of the Disney movie. However, I am having […]

Project #3 Revision Plan

I received some feedback today after showing my project to my peers. I have a pretty good rough draft of what my final project will look like because I am completing each leg of the journey in its entirety before moving on. So my ‘rough draft’ is essentially just a third of my completed project, […]

Project #3 Update – 11/17

What I Did Today I solved the problem of crossing the International Date Line and started working on the ‘other’ side of the map, showing the journey arriving in North America. I labeled the International Date Line and zoomed in from Hong Kong, China to a large area with an arrow in the Pacific Ocean. […]

Project #3 Update – 11/14

What I Did The basic structure of my project is essentially complete, so now I just have to continue completing parts of the journey until I am finished. Today I completed Bombay, India and Hong Kong, China. I am still deciding how to show the journey jumping back to the other side of the map, […]

Project #3 Update – 11/12

What I Did Today looked at ways of better representing the cities on my map, so I decided to find postcards from each city to place near its marker on the map. The result has been great and I think it ties in perfectly with my theme. I also began writing short descriptions for each […]

Rough Draft of Prezi Presentation

Link to Prezi presentation: What I Did I have continued to add cities on the journey. Today I found a YouTube clip from the Disney movie that perfectly animates that leg of the journey for the audience. I have also worked with PhotoShop to edit the FAA Flight Plans and a train ticket. I used […]

Mock-Ups and Storyboards

What I Did For my mock-up I completed a few legs of the journey for my Prezi presentation. I selected a large world map as the background for my presentation, which is perfect for what I am trying to display. I used Google Maps to properly identify the location of select cities on the map […]

Project 3 Timeline

M, 11/10: Mock-up, Storyboard, and/or Outline. M, 11/17: Presentation Sign-up. W, 11/19: Rough Cut for Peer Feedback; Project 3 Revision Plan. F, 11/21: Selfie showing yourself at work. W, F, M, W, 12/3–12/10: In-class Presentations. W, 12/10: Project Due by 11:55 PM. So far I have decided what tools I will be using and the […]

Overview of Project 3

For my “Remix a Story” project I plan on retelling the tale of “Around the World in 80 Days.” It is a story about a group of men who are bet that they cannot travel around the world in 80 days or less. The group includes an inventor, a thief, and an artist, and they […]