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Why must my files be so big?!

What I Did I waited on the rainbow wheel a LOT (my files are giant, so I think that I’m frustrating the computer). On a more productive note, I set up the layout for one spread and got about halfway through a second in InDesign. This entailed selecting a background color and inserting placeholder text […]

I forgot to post last Friday… oops

Here’s a picture of my work on the Friday before break. I promise it was actually that long ago. InnovationSpace didn’t reopen after that until 10 this morning, and I’m here, so that’s my alibi.

Apparently, I’m not as terrible at Illustrator as I thought

Here’s my revision plan! My peer reviewers thought that my document was fairly strong. They were a lot more complimentary of my Illustrator drawings than I expected, and they said that everything looked nice. One of them did say that I should add white borders to the smaller images on my cover to make it […]

Brb, moving into InnovationSpace for the next month

What I Did I spent five hours in InnovationSpace this weekend and two class periods working exclusively on the cover of my project, and I just started the last image. I created a background, selected a font for the title, and drew four princesses and the princess, along with backgrounds for three of the princesses […]

The Illustrator Struggle Is Real

What I Did I spent class today working on my cover image for my magazine in Illustrator. The Lynda videos proved to be fairly useless, but I got stuff done after googling how to do it. I’m almost done with the background, but I still need characters. I’m planning on lots of time in InnovationSpace […]

What I did instead of going to class

I used our regularly scheduled class time to watch some instructional videos about Illustrator on Lynda. I’m hoping that this will allow me to better utilize my class time, but I didn’t budget for it in my plan, so I might be spending some of Sunday at InnovationSpace catching up on things.

Illustrator is scary, and the internet is failing me.

    These are my storyboards (I had to do two because of the free account limitations). What I’ve done since Friday I finished the storyboards later on Friday (I got about halfway done in class). Today, I realized that I need to watch some Lynda videos before tackling Illustrator, set up my InDesign document, […]

Making a Storyboard

What I did I created the first part of my storyboard. I got most of the way through my first princess (I plan to have three or four, including the winner).  I used Storyboard That. Why I did it I used Storyboard That because it was simple and effective. I didn’t realize that it only […]

Working from home: Timeline

Here’s my timeline for the project. Really, it reads more like a schedule, because I wasn’t able to find a timeline generator that allowed me to go into as much detail as I felt necessary about what I was doing every day. Timeline for Project 3 W, 11/5: Project Timeline F, 11/7: Create different versions […]