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Well gosh…

This whole blog is now mine. How cool is that? I mean, the entire this was mine, but, officially, as of a few months ago, this blog now has nothing to do with class work. Isn’t that exciting? Well, it is to me. Anywho, new semester, new goals. I’m graduating this year, and I have […]

Oh wow…. There it is. It… It’s done. It’s not exactly what I envisioned, but I’m ok with that. I put off posting this, partly because I forgot to upload a post for last Wednesday, and partly because I really wasn’t sure exactly what to say. But now. Now I’m done. It was mostly about putting […]

Working…. Working…..

Revision Plan Today mostly concentrated on what I needed to get done, as I didn’t have much to show people. Everything I’ve got is in Word Document form, which isn’t impressive. However, by the end of the day, I have already put together my Prezi (with nothing actually in it yet, but it’s getting there. […]

Wednesday/ Friday

Please forgive any typos I don’t spot and fix, my hands are a little more tempermental than usual. Today I….. Have begun compiling notes for articles and some of the pieces of evidence I’ll be needing. Why I did it… I have many articles that I need to have ready to format every soon. Formatting […]

Monday 11/10

No catchy title today, since my brain is all wrapped up in things like my story, “Interstellar,” and various other personal things. Interstellar was pretty awesome, by the way, I totally recommend it. I might have spent all morning talking about if certain things were physically possible and what not. Anyway, this is supposed to […]


What I Did Well, today was a difficult day. I wasn’t focused, both because of the weather, my plans for the day, and the talk of dining hall food. However, I did get stuff done. Mostly, I’m just trying to put everything in order, and figure out which articles would tell the story that I […]

Time Line, roughly, there-a-bout

My Timeline for The Story Remix November 10 – List of necessary elements: articles, journal entries, pieces of evidence; Mock-up, Storyboard November 14 – Work has begun, in tools November 17 – Sign up for presentation November 19 – Drafts done; ready for peer review November 21 – Edits begun; Selfie showing myself at work […]

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! In honor of the holiday, I uploaded an actual selfie of me. Which is pretty out of character for me, so it’s fairly apt.


I’m still in planning mode, so really I’m trying to figure out what I want to include in my articles. I was also considering actually making the story about the journalist’s career, including “I’m stuck on obituaries,” “I got my first hard news story,” and “Why do I have to cover the society page?” Perhaps […]

Extra! Extra! Cinderella’s Story….

I’ll be covering the story of Cinderella from an outside point of view: A journalist. My project will contain news articles and and social media posts. For my sources: Grimm, Jakob and Wilhelm. Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales. Barnes and Noble. 7 July 2013. Levine, Gail Carson. Ella Enchanted. HarperCollins Publishers. 28 August 1998. Once Upon […]