Project #3 Update – 11/17

What I Did

Today I solved the problem of crossing the International Date Line and started working on the ‘other’ side of the map, showing the journey arriving in North America. I labeled the International Date Line and zoomed in from Hong Kong, China to a large area with an arrow in the Pacific Ocean. Then I had the presentation zoom to the other side of the 2D map and started work on the North American leg of the journey. As far as documenting sources, I plan on placing a text box in the corner of the map and then zooming to show the sources after the journey has been completed.

Why I Did It

I had to include a way to show the International Date Line because it is important to the story. I did not want to zoom in on the corner of the map because it would look awkward, so I set the frame to include Hong Kong, China and the IDL, along with an arrow showing that the journey is going through the Pacific Ocean. The path then quickly jumps to North America, so although it does backtrack, it goes quickly enough that it does not detract from the journey. Finally, I think that placing the sources in corner will be similar to a works cited page, being displayed following the content itself.

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