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The Last One

Over Thanksgiving break I finished finding all of my pins for my boards. I went back and added detailed information to the bios on the individual boards. I wanted to do this to go into further information about the board and the significance of the topic. I still need to go back and proof read […]

The One with the Selfie

Today I finished my Marshall and Lily boards. The only problem that I am running into is trying to figure out how I am going to present my project. I think it’s going to be a lot of experimenting and trying to determine what boards I want to present to the class.

The One With the Revision Plan

The strengths of my project that I plan on keeping are the current boards that I have. The design choice that was problematic was that Pinterest pins things so that the more recent pin is the last thing you pinned. I ran into problems with this when I wanted things in chronological order. Some of […]

The One With the Sources

What I did… Today I worked on my Marshall and Lily boards. They are the last boards I need to finish up before I go back and review the pins and their text. I also decided to change my Marshall’s job board to an environmental-friendly board. Why I did it… The environment is very important […]

The One Where I Didn’t Read My Email and It’s Freezing

On Wednesday I didn’t read my email which led me to coming to class when we didn’t have it. Today I came to class, but I have yet to thaw out from my walk here. Welcome Winter! What I Did: So far I have completed Robin and Barney’s boards as well as Ted’s architecture board. I […]

The One Where I Was Taking the GRE

Today I wasn’t in class because I was taking my GRE. However, over the weekend I prepared for missing class by working on my Pinterest boards. As of today I have successfully completed all of the family boards. I ended up going into more detail and adding more characters then I originally thought I would […]

The One With the Outline

What I did: I worked on pinning pins to Barney’s suit board. Why I did it: I wanted to get a jump start on Barney’s board because I finished his other board the other day. Today in class we had to design a storyboard or outline of our final project. Since mine is difficult to […]

The One With the Timeline

Today we had to create a timeline for our project for the rest of the year. Before I began to create my timeline I first did an outline of each of the boards I want to create. So far I have 16 boards that I wish to create. I’m hoping that each board will have […]

The One With the Pitch

I decided that for my last project I was going to build Pinterest boards off of significant events that happened throughout How I Met Your Mother. As of right now I have four boards, Ted’s love interests, the gang, the slap bet, the gang’s family members and Ted’s architecture. Eventually I am going to make […]

The One Where I Need to Figure Out My Project

On Monday I was all set to do an alternative ending to How I Met Your Mother because I finished the series yesterday and HATED the ending. However, I feel like making an alternative ending would be too easy…Barney and Robin would still be together and the mother would not have died. Instead I am […]