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12/1/14 – Final Project Efforts

What I Did Today, I did a final review of my project to make sure it was all complete. I also started working on the presentation of my project. My presentation is Friday and while my actual project is done, I hadn’t started working on what I actually want to present orally. I started working […]

11/21/14 – Pre-break work

What I Did Today, I spent my 50 minutes revising my project. I went through the story paragraph by paragraph and edited it. I first edited for content, adding some to paragraphs that needed it, deleting a few parts, and revising confusing sentences. I then copy edited, looking for things like grammar and spelling. Why […]

11/19/14 – Revision Plan

Peer revisions helped me realize what about my project works, and what I still need to work on. The draft of the actual copy of my story was strong, and I probably won’t make many changes outside of editing for spelling and grammar. As far as design, my peers felt that it worked overall but […]

11/17/14 – Working on References

What I Did Today, I worked on revising the body copy of my story. Over the weekend, I was able to do a rough draft on my project, which made me feel a lot better about where I am in the project. Today, I also worked on my references and how to include them. Most […]

11/12/14 – Project Work

What I Did Today, I continued work on drafting the copy of my story. Since I made an outline, I’m following along chapter by chapter to write my story about Frozen in Blacksburg terms. I also started using Illustrator to create some of my images. I’m using pictures of the Hokie Bird and “Hokie Girl” […]

11/10/14 – Mock Up Work

What I Did Today, I worked on the mock up for my project. For my mockup, I created a storyboard outlining the different “chapters” I want to include in my Creatavist story. I also began the preliminary draft of the actual text of my story. Why I Did It  It helped me to create a […]

11/7/14 – Storyboard Work

What I Did Today, I worked on a rough outline that works as a very preliminary draft of my story. I figured out who the different characters would be in Blacksburg terms, and how to set the story “Frozen” in Blacksburg. I then sketched a brief storyboard of my remix to help me get an […]

11/5/14- Project Three Planning

What I Did Today, I got a little further at planning out my third project. I started looking at online platforms through which to tell my story, and I chose Creatavist and signed up for an account. I also made the following timeline to schedule out my work: Before class on Monday 11/10: Create rough […]

10/29/14 – Beginning Project 3

What I Did Today, I brainstormed ideas on how I want to present my project. I’ve decided to use the movie “Frozen,” and I think I would like to connect it to Virginia Tech. My idea for now is to connect Frozen to Virginia Tech, probably by doing a play off of Blacksburg weather. I […]