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What I Did: Today I just worked more on my project and finalized the style for my project. I am excited that I came up with an idea that has evolved into something with more risks, but also more benefits. Hopefully the class will enjoy the project! Why I Did It: Because two other people are […]


What I Did: I continued to work on my project throughout the break. I decided to pick Prezi as the outlet for how I share my work to the class. I have a newspaper set up for the Prezi and I am incorporating a newspaper type of feel to the project. Why I Did It: […]

11/19/14 Peer Review Projects

Today in class we got into groups and talked about our projects together. Everyone seemed to like the idea for social media mixed with the story of Beauty and the Beast. I want to work to make sure that the project comes together cleanly. I also want to make sure that all the different types […]


What I Have Done & Why I Did It:  Today in class I started looking into the pictures needed for my project further. I decided last class that I wanted to change the outlet for my topic of Beauty and the Beast. I have found a website that allows you to create fake snap chats, and […]


What I Have Done & Why I’ve Done It:  Today I decided to change the layout of my project. I have been sick this past week, so I have not been able to take pictures of Virginia Tech campus to make a video. I want to be able to work on this project over break, […]


What I’ve Done: Today I started on my story board for my project. Because my project is a video of pictures, I did not feel like it was necessary to create a mock up because my project has limited words and layout features. I chose to draw out the mock up myself because it is […]


The following is the timeline that I am choosing to use for my project 11/10: Mock-up, Storyboard, and/or Outline. 11/10: Accumulate pictures from around campus 11/10: Research the other photos and music that I will need 11/17: Presentation Sign-up. 11/17: Begin assembling the iMovie clips and editing the project 11/19: Rough Cut for Peer Feedback; Project […]


What I Did: I brainstormed more ideas for my project — I feel like I want to do a video type of project or one with pictures and images. I was thinking about doing a real-life interpretation of Beauty and the Beast on Virginia Tech’s campus. What I Need To Do: I need to work on […]