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Today I continued to add blog posts to my site, and began to work on the copy that I will include in the posts. I’m going through the book and picking out quotes and dialogue that I will use to supplement my own writing. The next step will be to create the images for each […]


Since last class, I’ve made a lot of progress. The website is really coming together, and I’ve identified all the stories that I want to publish. I went through and created the timeline on the website by creating posts where I’ll fill it in with all the text. The next thing to do is to […]


Work on the Remix Project Today was a very productive day. I began working on the website that will host my articles, and I started picking out the stories that will be featured on my blog. I chose to make my website using Wix. Wix gives you templates that can be easily customized, and because […]


Project Mock-Up: Since last class, I’ve continued to read Pride and Prejudice, and then produced this mock-up today. When I’m done reading completely, I’ll be able to fill out the mock-up with specific stories. This mock-up is modeled after the actual Page Six website. I’m now thinking about making a website to display my project, […]


What I’ve Done and Why I’ve Done It Since Monday, I’ve been re-reading Pride and Prejudice. I want to make sure I am fresh on all the details of the story so I can capture everything in my project. This is my first and most important task!


Starting Project 3:  Today we are starting Project 3, Remix a Story. This project asks us to take a well known story and put a different spin on it. For my project, I am choosing to work with the classic Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice, which is a story of romance, manners, morality, and marriage […]


The tool I was really interested in today was Infog.ram. I work on campus at the career center as a Peer Advisor, and am a contributing member to two blogs. In these blog posts I frequently need to include infographics but cannot always find one that is suitable. I’d like to try out Infog.ram to […]


While all the tools presented today were interesting, the one I’m most interested in testing out is Canva. I don’t own the Adobe Suite, but frequently need to quickly design something for one of my freelance web jobs. In the future I will consider using Canva to address these needs.