Project #3 Update – 11/12

What I Did

Today looked at ways of better representing the cities on my map, so I decided to find postcards from each city to place near its marker on the map. The result has been great and I think it ties in perfectly with my theme. I also began writing short descriptions for each leg of the journey. I had completed a few in the past when I made my rough cut, so I decided to complete this part of my project for the other cities. This has been an interesting part because I am having to decide where the journey should go based on parts of the other stories I am combining. When I decide what path the journey will continue in, I have to choose what happens on each leg of the journey.

Why I Did It

The postcards were a great addition because not only do they identify the city on the map, but they tie into the theme of a journey. It is like the main characters collected these postcards from each city that they stopped in. I had to wait to complete the descriptions until now because I needed to determine a direction first. If I made my journey go in one direction and referenced a particular leg of the journey, it might not have made sense if I didn’t already know where the journey was headed. All three stories have a somewhat similar plot, so I have tried to tell the basic plot of the story through these descriptions.