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What I’ve Accomplished – 12/1

I’ve come a long way since starting this project. All of the illustrations have been re-created for the story in Photoshop. It is set in NYC at the Bronx Zoo and numerous places around the city. I just have to upload these images into iMovie and do an audio layover for the story. It’s essentially an […]

Blog Post – 11/21

What I Did So over break, it was pretty hectic for me. I was choosing a different direction and stressing out. I created a script for Max set in Central Park (NYC) and the other one was at the Bronx Zoo. I really liked both and went back forth until I finally chose one. I […]

Revision Plan

So for my project, the storyboard was hard to familiarize itself with the actual story line of Where the Wild Things Are. It’s been difficult to make it work, and I really don’t want to force anything with it. I still am planning on recreating the visuals in Photoshop. But, I think I am going […]

Remix a Story: Update

I’ve decided I probably will not go with shooting a video. I am leaning more towards do a twitter account or some type of twitter conversation with an audio layover. I’m still brainstorming on ideas of how to make it intriguing and unique, which is the hardest part for me. I also have an idea […]

Remix A Story

The story I’ve chosen is Where the Wild Things Are. I will be remixing the 1963 childhood story, not the 2009 film. I’m still stuck between retelling the story with twitter and attached pictures with an audio layover, or film events around campus and the community. The three versions I found of my story include the original […]


I found this interface the most interesting. I think if utilized well in a presentation setting, it can really be useful in presenting in a creative way. I really enjoyed Jenna’s presentation and curious to learn more about this interface. I found it useful in the way you could create a slideshow on one of […]

Interrogation Review

What I Did Today I looked over different presentations from the class. It was great getting insight into how everyone if formatting and designing there project. Why I Did It I commented on other classmates’ presentation links in order for them to help improve their design methods and the information presented. What I Still Need […]