Project #3 Update – 11/21

What I Did

Today I finished the final part of the journey. I completed San Francisco and found some excellent pictures to accompany this section. I also finished New York and took a great video clip of the movie to show one of the most exciting parts of the Disney movie. However, I am having trouble deciding how to show London again, thus ending the journey. The area around London is already crowded, so I am thinking about placing the final leg near England in the Atlantic Ocean.

Why I Did It

The screenshots I have found thus far depict the journey very well! I am also very happy about being able to find a video clip that shows the flying machine that is created by Phileas Fogg in the Disney version of the movie. It goes very well with the flight plan that I created for this leg of the journey and got creative with the details. I am having trouble finding an appropriate way to end the journey without be able to show London again because it is already crowded with media from the very first leg of the journey, but will come up with an alternative solution.

Here is a picture of me and my  little dog, Foxy, working on my project together!