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Monday, December 1st

Today I created a document that will help contextualize the information for the final product. I have about two more pages to create before I’m completely done.

Friday, November 21st

Today I created all of Ichabod’s diary in Illustrator and exported it as a PDF for publication in the flip software. I still need to finalize some contextual content and Brom Bones’ side of the story.

Revision Plan

My draft showed the basic idea of my project, but wasn’t anything close to a final product. I think it showed my intentions well and it received positive feedback from my peers. It will be problematic for me to really do a good job making the transition from Ichabod’s diary to Brom’s narrative (if I […]

Monday, November 17th

Today I finished my narrative of Ichabod’s side of the tale and started putting it into the pages that will serve as the actual diary.

Friday, November 7th

What I did Today I worked on outlining my story and sketching out a rough story board. I also created five different pages for the diary. One cover page with a title for the diary/project, and four blank pages with various coffee stains and torn edges for an aged look. These will serve as backgrounds […]

Project Timeline

Monday, 11.10 — Divide story up into diary entries with specific dates, decide where sketches will appear Wednesday, 11.12 — Work on sketches for diary, consider other “artifact options” Friday, 11.14 — Begin writing diary entries and interview Monday, 11.17 — Have rough drafts written of all Ichabod’s diary entries and Brom’s interview (develop specific narrative […]

Wednesday, October 29th

Today I did some “thought work” on how my project will look as a final product. This information is in my blog post from Monday.  Additionally, I used Illustrator to create a first draft of the “old paper” look I may use for Ichabod’s final diary. This may receive more edits and details, but it’s a start. 

Monday, October 27th

Project 3: Remix a Story I’ve chosen “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” a classic short story by Washington Irving, to remix for this project. I think I’ll be able to tackle the whole story for this project; it’s relatively short and the gist and sensibility of it can be portrayed without necessarily including every detail. […]

Friday, October 17th

I think I would be most likely to use Easelly. The design is captivating and beautiful. Apparently it’s very easy to use and the products in the powerpoint examples looks really, really good. I think this tool could be immensely useful for presenting information in a professional manner.