Project 3 Timeline

  • M, 11/10: Mock-up, Storyboard, and/or Outline.
  • M, 11/17: Presentation Sign-up.
  • W, 11/19: Rough Cut for Peer Feedback; Project 3 Revision Plan.
  • F, 11/21: Selfie showing yourself at work.
  • W, F, M, W, 12/3–12/10: In-class Presentations.
  • W, 12/10: Project Due by 11:55 PM.

So far I have decided what tools I will be using and the basic storyline of my project. I have also decided what materials I will need to complete this project, but have not started gathering them. I will need a copy of the 2004 and 1956 movies to take clips or screenshots from (possibly a YouTube video or DVD copies of the movies), a source of screenshots that are already posted on the internet (most likely from Google image searches), and a reference of the travels in the original novel, which I believe I have already located.

On Friday and this weekend (11/7-11/10) I will work on creating a rough draft on Prezi what I would like my project to look like. I will choose or import a layout and possibly add some potential screenshots to get an idea what the layout will look like.

The next step would be to research all three versions of the story and create an itinerary, selecting legs of each journey to include in my project so that I can ‘remix’ the story. I will create an informal itinerary by 11/12-11/14.

Then I will begin the in-depth work on Prezi, first by creating a frame of the entire itinerary. Because my layout will most likely be a map, I will start by selecting points on the map that will designate where I will be importing video clips, screenshots, and flight plans. I will complete this by 11/19.

I will then begin importing all of the media that I have collected and this should take me from 11/21 until the rest of the time that we have to work on the project (12/3-12/10). I think that I should have plenty of time to complete this project because I have began watching Prezi tutorials and am getting used to the program. I am familiar with the other tools, MovieMaker and Snipping Tool, so it will really come down to the grinding work of finding particular clips that match which section of the itinerary I am trying to reference.