Mock-Ups and Storyboards

What I Did

For my mock-up I completed a few legs of the journey for my Prezi presentation. I selected a large world map as the background for my presentation, which is perfect for what I am trying to display. I used Google Maps to properly identify the location of select cities on the map and labeled them with text. Then I found and chose screenshots from the movies to represent certain legs of the journey. I also found pictures of tourist attractions to place next to each city. For instance, I found a clipart picture of Big Ben to place next to London.

Why I Did It

Instead of making an outline of the journey, I decided it would be more beneficial to complete a few stops of the journey. I plan on using a consistent outline for each city, so completing multiple cities would help me identify what issues I might run into along the way. It also allows my peers who will review my project a chance to see what my project will look like better than if I had just created an outline of the journey itself. It is easier to fill in what the other stops of the journey will look like if a few of them are completed, rather than showing where the journey will be taking place.