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In Class Work

Today I mostly worked on getting the images I plan to use for each character’s Facebook profile picture.  This was kind of a tedious process, because I decided to do this part last.  This involved just looking up scenes from the movie on Google Images and saving the images of the characters as a jpeg […]

Independent Out of Class Work

So far over this weekend, I’ve created the Facebook posts up until half of the movie.  One of the constraints of my tool is that it’s unable to generate some organic Facebook posts, such I’ve been taking screenshots and altering them with Photoshop.  I’d say I’m making pretty solid progress on the project, and should […]

Friday, Nov. 14

Since the last time I worked on the project, I’ve created a fake Facebook site with the tool The Wall Machine, and I’ve began creating posts.  Examples of what I have so far are from the beginning of the story, in which Dory meets Marlin and introduces us to her problems with short-term memory loss. […]

Monday Nov. 10

So far on my Remix a Story project, I’ve done the research I think I need on my story.  I’ve rewatched Pixar’s Finding Nemo, as well as an on-stage production of the story.  Also, I did some research on the various mental illnesses and disorders prevalent in almost all of the characters in the story, […]

October 29

So far on this project I’ve done such research on Hamlet by reading through both Shakespeare’s original play and also the play by Tom Stoppard.  I’ve also looked at sites such as to generate a fake Facebook news feed.  I’m thinking about doing a chronological sequence of events, with the characters of Rosencrantz and […]

Project 3: Remix a Story

The story I’ve picked is about the characters of Rosencrantz and Guidenstern from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  The stories is already kind of remixed by Tom Stoppard’s play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, which focuses on the events of Shakespeare’s play through the lens of those two minor characters.  The part of the story I want to focus […]

Project 2 Presentations Day 1

Maddi G’s presentation on Comic Master really intrigued me, and I think it’s the interface I would like to explore further.  I’d never really come across a website that allowed you to design a comic series before, and the site seems pretty straightforward and easy to use.  It’d be a good tool for an extremely […]

Wednesday, October 6

What I Did: I worked on my Affordances and Constraints page, and I’m almost done.  I want to include one or two more screenshots, and maybe include a conclusion weighing the two.  I also included some critiques on how the interface used various modes of communication. Why I Did It: I wanted to finish that […]

Monday October 6th

What I Did: I started doing the “Interrogate the Basics” page for Project 2.  This involved looking at the various modes of communication on my interface, and analyzing it for its effectiveness.  I also included a video at the end detailing the process of searching, playing, and using action buttons on a specific audio file. […]