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10/16-10/20 Presentations

Out of the presentations, I’d would have to choose Prezi as seeming the most helpful with Storify coming as a close second. The advantages of having an application that can really mix up the presentation archetype would be too good to pass up, and despite the learning curve with using it I think the pay […]

10/15 Applications Review

The big winner from today’s applications has to be Draft. Had I known such an application existed my freshmen year of college, I would have spent a lot of money on it. I don’t know how much I intend to use it for Project 3 but I can see this application being immensely helpful for […]

10/12 Applications Review

With my own application, I don’t see much use in the near and present future but I’ll revisit the idea of using it once I’ve graduated from school. The application that I found most interesting was the PicMonkey app. The user friendly interface appealed to me because the last time I knew how to use […]

Meme of the Week

    I have to say my favorite meme would be the carnist meme simply because the other ones I came across were familiar to me already. Its major downside is that it will generally only appeal to the already veg*n community and those unfamiliar with veg*nisms won’t understand some of the various iterations of […]

9/22: 750 Words

I was drawn to the application “750 Words” because of it’s simplicity and usefulness. I’d looked at some of the others and decided against them because, frankly, while they seemed useful to some people they didn’t have much potential for practical use in my own work. This application allows for the daily spew off thoughts […]

September 8th Summary

What I Did I’ve tweaked the color scheme and messed around with getting appropriate links to show up as well. I messed about with page arrangements a bit but this theme seems to have some unusual restrictions as to which widgets can go where. Why I Did It The blog currently has an affect that […]

September 12th Summary

What I Did: I added a page with recommended music videos. I reformatted the titles of my posts and messed about with the arrangements and headers of the posts. I removed and rearranged some of my widgets. I changed the header and cropped it. Why I did It: I wanted to add an aural and […]

September 10th Summary

    Today I edited the about me section and added a contact form, in addition to messing about with the color palette at the recommendations of two of my classmates. I added in a photo of myself and streamlined my sidebars so that there would be less extraneous information cluttering the page. I also gave […]