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final touches

What I did Today I worked on making some final touches to my video. I am still working on lining up the music with the video and deciding whether or not I am going to add another song in the middle. I have to make this decision and put in the new song before I […]

doing work

working on my project What I did Tonight, I worked on my project for a little over an hour. I mostly worked on the music. I added markers to the songs (seen in the picture below) and aligned the video with the markers that I added. I lined up the scene splits with the beat […]

revision plan

After feedback today, I have some revisions to do. Some of the strengths of my draft are the different movies and clips I incorporated to give the video meaning. When I showed my draft, I was worried that the video was a little too cheesy. However, my group said that a little cheese was good and […]

splicing and dicing

What I did Since Monday, I have worked on splicing my clips together in iMovie. It is a tedious process that must be done with precision and attention to detail. I am working on getting the clips that I want from the full length clips and putting them in a rough order. After I have […]

storyboard What I did Since Friday, I finished my storyboard. I included the link above. It is a simple storyboard using GoogleDocs and images on each slide. The images represent the clips that I will use in the video. This is a good visual outline for me as I create my video. I also worked […]


What I did Today I worked on gathering clips and creating my storyboard. I have a lot of my clips downloaded, I just have to finish finding them and adding them to my folder. My storyboard is composed of screenshots from the clips. Why I did it I took screenshots for my storyboard to show […]


F, 11/7: Brainstorm/research clips/music; have solid list; watch clips to get times M, 11/10: Outline/Storyboard W, 11/12: Have all clips downloaded/in iMovie F, 11/14: Cut clips/splice clips together M, 11/17: Finish splicing together/add music M, 11/17: Presentation Sign-up W, 11/19: Rough Cut for Peer Feedback — pretty much finished here/just need peer feedback F, 11/21: Selfie showing […]

beauty and the beast

What I did I decided what story I am going to remix: beauty and the beast. I collected sources such as the original text, the original movie, and modern adaptations. I watched a few clips from the modern adaptations. I researched other clips that I want to use in my video and brainstormed other movies […]

remix a story

For this project, I chose Beauty and the Beast. This was one of my favorite Disney movies as a kid — I always wanted to be Belle. I want to focus on bringing this fairytale into the modern world by connecting it with other movies and tv shows that follow the same theme as Beauty […]