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Revision Plan (Nov. 19th)

After discussing and sharing what I had so far for my project, my reviewer had little in the way of criticisms and recommendations as my project currently stands. However, he did ask how I planned to put together my video … Continue reading

What I did today (Nov. 17th)

Today i continued my research on Jack Tales and worked on the planning of my video project, listing off the things I will be gathering up in order to shoot my raw footage as well as other “to-do’s” for the … Continue reading

Day 2 Presentations

Today, The web-tool I found the most interesting was Pixlr, presented by Emma. Emma’s presentation was detailed, engaging and highlighted all the useful features of this web tool. While I do not regularly  take and edit photos, it is helpful … Continue reading

Day 1 Presentations

For the first day of presentations, the tool I found the most interesting and useful was Soundcloud. Tiny’s presentation was effective and concise, and increased my already present interest in using this tool. I have always been a big fan … Continue reading