Project #3 Revision Plan

I received some feedback today after showing my project to my peers. I have a pretty good rough draft of what my final project will look like because I am completing each leg of the journey in its entirety before moving on. So my ‘rough draft’ is essentially just a third of my completed project, which I think allowed me to get some good opinions on my progress. Most of the feedback was very positive and my group enjoyed my presentation. One of the biggest issues that we discussed was that my destinations in the beginning of the journey can get cluttered at some points, especially in western Europe where each city is located close to each other.

To amend this problem I have decided to reorganize the media associated with each city so that the presentation will zoom to a different frame. I will limit the amount of images that the frame focuses on for each leg of the journey to prevent as much clutter. This makes it easier for the reader to follow the journey, comprehend all of the associated images, and read the short description of each leg of the journey. I now have a basic outline of where the journey is headed, so I am able to determine which parts of the map are in use and which parts can be used to diffuse the clutter.

I will also work on organized the media I have imported so that it is easier to identify with a particular city. While most of my images clearly relate to a specific city, some images could be confused for being associated with another leg of the journey. I will use proximity and alignment to make it more clear which images are associated with which leg of the trip.