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December 1, 2014: What I Did and Why

Today I continued to work on my Remix a Story project. I’m still running into some problems with the tool but the project is coming a long really well and I’m almost finished. At this point I just need to compile my citations, finish up the story, and add a few photos. Even though the […]

first, let me take a selfie.

So I did some work over break at home, and this is my selfie to prove it. I uploaded it at the last minute because it’s a little embarrassing, but what selfie isn’t amiright?

Revision Plans

As far as my project goes, I don’t think there’s a whole lot of need for revision. The only parts that aren’t meeting my standards are the ones limited by the constraints of the actual tool I’m using. After talking with my peer editing group, we decided that the strongest part of my project is […]


For my project, I’m just using a lot of images from Google as well as quotes from various authors. I might be using some YouTube videos as well to post on Belle’s wall. So I think I’ll either state where all of my information came from at the beginning of the presentation or immediately following. […]

What I Did and Why: 11/10

Today I worked on the actual Fakebook site and it’s kind of been a struggle. I tried to put in all of Belles “friends” and give them profile pictures but you can’t resize images on the site and sometimes it does something weird to the size of the photo you upload. It also won’t allow […]

What I Did and Why: 11/7

Today I have been working on my storyboard for the Remix A Story project. I researched the information you would see on a normal Facebook page and tried to fill in that information for my fictional hipster Belle. I looked up the top hipster colleges in the campus and decided on NYU and also researched […]


I have developed a general timeline of work to help me balance this project over the next few weeks: M, November 10: Mock-up, Storyboard, and/or Outline—Skeleton Story (word document); work with fakebook a little to get general info W November 14: Flesh out Skeleton—photos/video; fill out fakebook account with actual story line M, November 17: […]

What I Did and Why I Did It: 10/29

What I Did: I’ve still been looking around at different forms of Beauty and the Beast and different tools I may use to tell my story. I’ve been grouping different sets of ideas together so that I have a few choices on how to do the story. We also went over a lot of the […]

A Beastly Remix

I chose to do Beauty and the Beast as my story. There have been so many obvious “remixes” of this story but I think that there are many other stories that capture the essence of this timeless tale without being quite so overt. These are the archetypal bad boys in every romcom out there– the […]

Tools of Today: 10/20

I thought Storify was a really cool tool to gather information and share. It was also really smart to connect it to other social media sites to both gather personal information and trending information, as well as spark interest in other social media users. I may end up using it for something in my collegiate […]