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A Masterpiece is Born

I have begun putting the posts onto my fake Facebook for my project and it is a little more challenging than I had expected. I enjoy the challenge though and I also really like the subject matter so it is really as enjoyable of a struggle as one could imagine. Getting everything in chronological order […]

Setting up the Order

This is a condensed timeline of events which will unfold through comments, posts, and other entries on my Middle Earth Facebook. I’ve only included the time line and not a mock up because of the medium I’m using, I felt a mock up of what is already going to be a mock Facebook page was […]

Keeping it All in Order

So far the work I have done is mostly about ordering the events I am working with. The Lord of the Rings is a vast story with many critical events and getting them all in the right order, so that I can then reverse that order, is one of the most critical tasks I have […]

Mapping out the Minutes

To avoid my usual procrastination I will be putting extra effort into sticking to this schedule we are creating today. In this schedule there are some dates which are concrete and decided by the syllabus but I will be adding additional times and dates to the list to make sure that I’m working from start […]

Brainstorming: Monsoon Season

Since Monday I have been doing a lot of work on my project, but most of it mental. My thoughts are coming down like cats and dogs in this virtually literal brainstorm. I have decided to redo the classic tail of the Lord of The Rings, if you’ve never heard of this series then I […]

Some Done And Some To Do

I still have a lot to do on my project but I’m looking forward to the adventure! So far I’ve gotten very comfortable using Pixton itself. I have also begun making the slides I will be using in my presentation and for my project which I’m doing primarily in Pixton. It is a very fun […]

Another Day Another Comic

Yet again you have found me knee deep in comic strips and speech bubble, the going is hard but progress has been made. I have begun to master the tricksy demon that is Pixton. I am still working out a few kinks in the process of moving my comedic genius from mind to comic strip, […]

Pixton Fun

I picked Pixton to work with and so far I have done my best to explore the site. Pixton is a comic strip creator and is a lot of fun. It is also incredibly full of features and tools making the process of getting to know it a bit time consuming. Right from signing up […]


    The Horse on a Treadmill is a banner around which Virginia Tech Hokies rally during some of of darkest hours, football games. I was trying to capture an eternally running Horse on the Treadmill. This being a gif and not a single motionless picture is a key for what I was trying to […]