Since the last time class met, I have accomplished a lot. I have secured the actors who will be playing the parts of witness and scientist in my news cast, and I have picked up my gear from the innovation space to shoot the news cast. I rented a tripod and a camera to complete the filming portion of the newscast. I have finalized the script and am ready to begin filming. I will film today, edit tomorrow, and present on Wednesday.

Last Blog Post

This is the post for the December 1, 2014 meeting .

What I Did

I spent most of the class time today preparing for my presentation, which required me to pick which pages of my magazine I want to show the class. I also began writing out the answers/script for my presentation so that I can be sure that I communicate to the class exactly what I want them to know about my project.

I also finally chose the web tool that I will use to make my magazine pages flip like a real magazine– FlipSnack.

Why I Did It

I spent most of the class time today preparing for my presentation because most of my presentation is done, I just have to go through and perform final edits on all of the pages. I picked specific pages to show the class that will best depict my design choices as well as the modes of communication I used.

I chose FlipSnack as my web based tool because it allows users to zoom in or out on my pages, which will be convenient for my audience. I also chose FlipSnack because it is easy to share and easy for me to use. I will simply have to convert my InDesign documents to PDFs and then upload them to the site. The site then creates a sharable URL that anyone can use to view my project.

Thanksgiving Break Post

This is the post for Friday, November 21, 2014


I spent 50 minutes this afternoon working on my the cover page of my magazine, as seen in the image to the right. Although the cover still looks rather bare, the work you see in the image actually took a very long time! I’m excited to keep working on it over break!

Why I Did It

I began working on the cover of my project because I finally finished writing all the body copy for my entire magazine. Now all I have to do is design all of my pages! I will continue working on this over break so that the weeks after break can be spent editing and deciding on a tool I can use to make my magazine flip like a real magazine.

Feedback and Revision Plan

This is the post for the November 19, 2014 class meeting.

What I Did

I met with two other class members today who were also doing revision plans of Disney Princesses, which made our discussion interesting. I showed my revision group members my mock-up plan, showed them the body copy I have written, and described to them my plan for designing my magazine.

Why I Did It

Because I did not have any design elements of my project completed to show my group today, I cannot create a revision based on the strengths and weaknesses of my design choices. However, I was able to show the group how much body copy I have written and discuss with them all of the pages I want to include in my magazine. My group members really liked my idea and thought that my body copy executed my ideas well, but they did have one main concern— I was trying to get too much done in too little time. My group members understood how much time it would take me to design around 10 pages in InDesign and Photoshop and suggested that I decide if all of these pages are really essential to my remix and focus on the ones that are absolutely necessary to the success of my process. From this information, I have developed the only revision plan I can at this point:

I will look at all the pages I wish to include in my magazine spread and number them in importance. Doing so will allow me to get all of the necessary pages done first, and all the fun or additional ones laterĀ  if time permits.

Presentation Sign-Up Day

This is the post for the November 17, 2014 class meeting.

What I Did

Today I signed up for a presentation slot on the last day of presentations and continued working on the body copy of my magazine. I spent more time researching dialog of the princesses whose pages I have not completed. I am almost finished writing all of the body copy for my magazine!

Why I Did It

I signed up for a late presentation slot because I have yet to start designing any of my magazine pages and I know that doing so will take me a very long time. I was hoping to have all of my body copy written in time for next class period, our peer feedback day, so I can have insight about how the actual textual remix of the stories appears to others.

I plan on having all of the body copy ready by next class period so that I can receive feedback and spend most of break designing pages of my magazines in InDesign and Photoshop.

Independent Class Work Day

This is the blog post for the November 14, 2014 class meeting.

What I Did

Since the last blog post, I have watched “The Little Mermaid” twice in order to gain the insight I need to write from Ariel’s point of view in my magazine pages. Although I haven’t had the time do that with the other two princess movies, I plan on doing that soon. I spent most of the class period today researching the dialog of the three princesses that I will want to include in my article. I also spent just a few minutes studying samples of interesting magazine layouts.

Why I Did It

I have spent so much time researching the dialog of the three princesses because I really want to capture direct quotes from them to include in their interviews that will appear on my magazine pages. I do not want to completely make up answers for my remix; instead, I would like to simply pull the parts out of the movie and place them in a question and answer format that remixes the story in a more feminist light and portrays the princesses as young women who chase after their own dreams.


Documenting Assets and Sources

This is the blog post for the November 12, 2014 class meeting.

What I Did

Upon reading in our textbook about the importance of documenting our assets and sources, I decided today that I will copy and paste the links to all of the sources and assets I use for each page of my magazine to the corresponding Word Document I have created to host the body copy for each page. When inserting these sources into my actual remixed magazine, I decided to simply add a source page at the very end of the magazine that lists all of my sources by page.

Since my last blog post, I have also decided to name my magazine “Belle” magazine. Additionally, I decided on the exact princesses I want to highlight and what feminist characteristic trait they contain that I will portray:

Ariel: Adventurous
Belle: Brilliant/Bright (NOTE: Ariel will “write” Belle’s interview as a special edition feature story)
Rapunzel: Courageous .

Why I Did It

I decided to keep track of my assets and sources by directly copying and pasting them into the Word Document draft of the body copy I have created for each page of my magazine so that later down the road I won’t have to worry about to which item on which page a source or asset belongs. With this organizational method, I am now able to easily go back to my source to find more information about the page as I am working on it.

I chose the title “Belle” magazine because I thought that was a nice play of of “Elle” magazine. I chose the three princesses mentioned above to portray as female role models because I love each of their stories and would like others to see them as the same interesting, powerful young women that I view them as.