Presentation Sign-Up Day

This is the post for the November 17, 2014 class meeting.

What I Did

Today I signed up for a presentation slot on the last day of presentations and continued working on the body copy of my magazine. I spent more time researching dialog of the princesses whose pages I have not completed. I am almost finished writing all of the body copy for my magazine!

Why I Did It

I signed up for a late presentation slot because I have yet to start designing any of my magazine pages and I know that doing so will take me a very long time. I was hoping to have all of my body copy written in time for next class period, our peer feedback day, so I can have insight about how the actual textual remix of the stories appears to others.

I plan on having all of the body copy ready by next class period so that I can receive feedback and spend most of break designing pages of my magazines in InDesign and Photoshop.