Last Blog Post

This is the post for the December 1, 2014 meeting .

What I Did

I spent most of the class time today preparing for my presentation, which required me to pick which pages of my magazine I want to show the class. I also began writing out the answers/script for my presentation so that I can be sure that I communicate to the class exactly what I want them to know about my project.

I also finally chose the web tool that I will use to make my magazine pages flip like a real magazine– FlipSnack.

Why I Did It

I spent most of the class time today preparing for my presentation because most of my presentation is done, I just have to go through and perform final edits on all of the pages. I picked specific pages to show the class that will best depict my design choices as well as the modes of communication I used.

I chose FlipSnack as my web based tool because it allows users to zoom in or out on my pages, which will be convenient for my audience. I also chose FlipSnack because it is easy to share and easy for me to use. I will simply have to convert my InDesign documents to PDFs and then upload them to the site. The site then creates a sharable URL that anyone can use to view my project.