Feedback and Revision Plan

This is the post for the November 19, 2014 class meeting.

What I Did

I met with two other class members today who were also doing revision plans of Disney Princesses, which made our discussion interesting. I showed my revision group members my mock-up plan, showed them the body copy I have written, and described to them my plan for designing my magazine.

Why I Did It

Because I did not have any design elements of my project completed to show my group today, I cannot create a revision based on the strengths and weaknesses of my design choices. However, I was able to show the group how much body copy I have written and discuss with them all of the pages I want to include in my magazine. My group members really liked my idea and thought that my body copy executed my ideas well, but they did have one main concern— I was trying to get too much done in too little time. My group members understood how much time it would take me to design around 10 pages in InDesign and Photoshop and suggested that I decide if all of these pages are really essential to my remix and focus on the ones that are absolutely necessary to the success of my process. From this information, I have developed the only revision plan I can at this point:

I will look at all the pages I wish to include in my magazine spread and number them in importance. Doing so will allow me to get all of the necessary pages done first, and all the fun or additional ones laterĀ  if time permits.