Documenting Assets and Sources

This is the blog post for the November 12, 2014 class meeting.

What I Did

Upon reading in our textbook about the importance of documenting our assets and sources, I decided today that I will copy and paste the links to all of the sources and assets I use for each page of my magazine to the corresponding Word Document I have created to host the body copy for each page. When inserting these sources into my actual remixed magazine, I decided to simply add a source page at the very end of the magazine that lists all of my sources by page.

Since my last blog post, I have also decided to name my magazine “Belle” magazine. Additionally, I decided on the exact princesses I want to highlight and what feminist characteristic trait they contain that I will portray:

Ariel: Adventurous
Belle: Brilliant/Bright (NOTE: Ariel will “write” Belle’s interview as a special edition feature story)
Rapunzel: Courageous .

Why I Did It

I decided to keep track of my assets and sources by directly copying and pasting them into the Word Document draft of the body copy I have created for each page of my magazine so that later down the road I won’t have to worry about to which item on which page a source or asset belongs. With this organizational method, I am now able to easily go back to my source to find more information about the page as I am working on it.

I chose the title “Belle” magazine because I thought that was a nice play of of “Elle” magazine. I chose the three princesses mentioned above to portray as female role models because I love each of their stories and would like others to see them as the same interesting, powerful young women that I view them as.