Independent Class Work Day

This is the blog post for the November 14, 2014 class meeting.

What I Did

Since the last blog post, I have watched “The Little Mermaid” twice in order to gain the insight I need to write from Ariel’s point of view in my magazine pages. Although I haven’t had the time do that with the other two princess movies, I plan on doing that soon. I spent most of the class period today researching the dialog of the three princesses that I will want to include in my article. I also spent just a few minutes studying samples of interesting magazine layouts.

Why I Did It

I have spent so much time researching the dialog of the three princesses because I really want to capture direct quotes from them to include in their interviews that will appear on my magazine pages. I do not want to completely make up answers for my remix; instead, I would like to simply pull the parts out of the movie and place them in a question and answer format that remixes the story in a more feminist light and portrays the princesses as young women who chase after their own dreams.