11/12/14 – Project Work

What I Did

Today, I continued work on drafting the copy of my story. Since I made an outline, I’m following along chapter by chapter to write my story about Frozen in Blacksburg terms. I also started using Illustrator to create some of my images. I’m using pictures of the Hokie Bird and “Hokie Girl” (representing Elsa and Anna) by using paint tools to update the current images of these characters.

Why I Did It

I started working on my images to try to get ahead of my plan, but I’m glad I did because I’m finding that the whole process is taking me longer than expected. I’ve never used Illustrator or my Creatavist tool before, so I’m finding unexpected constraints that are slowing me down. I’m hoping to continue working today and over the weekend to try to get in a good place with my story.