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9/12/14 – Final Touches

What I Did Since Wednesday, I put the final touches on my blog. I edited my pages for content and mechanical/grammatical accuracy. I checked to make sure that my pages have a variety of multimodal texts – mostly linguistic and visual – and I checked to make sure I don’t have spelling and grammar errors. Why […]

9/10/14 – Remaining Blog Work

What I Did Today, I peer reviewed 2 other blogs that my classmates created. I also looked at the feedback I received from my peers and started making some final touches, like adding a photo and reordering my menu bar. Why I Did It I got two really good suggestions from my peer reviewers. One […]

9/8/14 – Working on my website

Today, I worked on writing information for my About page and my Site Information page. I also added a contact form to my site and started brainstorming ways to make it more unique. I plan on making a “Connect with Me” page, where I have links to my social media accounts as well as my […]

9/5/14 – Multimodal Dig

1. Agenda- L, V, S 2. Notebook- L, V 3. Folder- L, V 4. Hokie Passport- L, V, G 5. “Corriere del ticinio” pen- L, V 6. Water bottle- V 7. Candy Crush- L, V, S, A 8. 2048- L, V, S, A 9. Pic Stitch- V 10. Pinterest App- L, V, S, G 11. […]

9/3/14 – Designing my Blog

What I Did Today, I changed a few things to customize my blog. First, I added categories for my posts to organize them. I also added a widget that would let people follow my blog. I also started to work on a menu for my site and updated the theme of my blog. Why I […]


What I Did Today in class, I set up my initial blog. I signed up for WordPress, and I created my profile with a blog title and tagline. I also started to customize my site by selecting a theme and … Continue reading