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10/27/14 – Project 3 Idea

For my third project, I chose to use the story Frozen.  Here are the 3 sources I’ve chosen to use: Frozen (2013) movie Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale The Snow Queen (what movie is based on) Frozen official Disney site

10/17/14 – Final day of presentations

In today’s presentations, I really liked the tool Piktochart. This tool reminded me of the one I chose, Canva, in that it is a graphic design site. However, it offered more features as far as free templates, charts, and images. Although there were definitely limitations on this site, I think it could a cool tool […]

10/15/14 – Project 2 Presentations

One tool I liked in today’s presentations was Draft. Draft is a Web-based collaboration tool for writers that lets you upload your writing so different editors can comment on it. Although you have to pay, you can even get professionals to edit your papers for you. If I end up writing a substantial amount for my […]

10/13/14 – Project 2 Presentations

I thought that today’s presentations covered a really interesting range of tools. The ones I was most drawn to were Creativisit and PicMonkey. I think those would be good options for me to look into using for my Project 3.  I was drawn to PicMonkey because, while I enjoy using photo editing software like Photoshop, […]

9/8/14 – Canva work continued

What I Did Today, I worked on adding more to my Web essay. I’ve completed a first draft of my web essay, but it could still use a little bit more information, especially on constraints. I also started editing my pages. Why I Did It I want to get a first draft of my Web […]

10/6/14 – Project 2 Work

What I Did Today I worked on transferring what I’ve written about Canva to my website. I created different pages for the project – Affordances, Constraints, Rhetorical Situation, Design Choices, Modes of Communication, and My Work with Canva. I added to the affordances section of the site, putting in pictures and videos that I took screenshots […]

Project 2 Work – 10/3/14

What I Did Today, I got a decent amount of work done on my “Interrogate an Interface” project. First, I re-read through the project guidelines. Then, I made a Word document similar to the one we filled out in class and started to write about affordances and constraints, rhetorical situation, design choices, and modes of […]

Gif – 9/29/14

I wanted to make my GIF cute and funny. So, I chose a short video of a dog doing what dogs do best- being silly. The dog in my GIF is hiding from taking a bath. I think the GIF succeeded in what I was trying to do, because the dog goofing off makes people […]

9/26/14- Meme

For my meme, I used the “Success baby” and the slogan “Parked in the Squires lot at 4:55 – Didn’t get a parking ticket.” This meme is poking fun at Parking Services and how quick they are to give out tickets for the smallest reasons. Although parking is open after 5:00 p.m., I know people […]

9/22/14 – Canva

For my Project 2 I chose to analyze Canva, an online graphic design tool. I was drawn to Canva because it advertises itself as an easy graphic design program that allows anyone to become a designer. It has a library of stock photos, fonts, and other free graphic design tools. Users can choose a layout and […]