Informal Proposal for Project 3

For my Remix a Story project, I have chose to focus on a series of Appalachian folk tails. I think this will be appropriate seeing how living in the NRV, we live right in/near the heart of Appalachia. The stories I would like to focus on are those presented in the musical “Sing Down the Moon: Appalachian Wonder Tails” by Mary Hall Surface and David Maddox, however I am not entirely set on this story yet; I will have a definite plan and story by Wednesday.

I have not come to a definite decision on how I would like to present the stories in a modern context, but I pretty well set on it including video in mock news report/interview formats, along side a written online/newspaper report on the “event(s).” My plan is to present the story in a current-day context and to incorporate as much of VT and the surrounding communities as possible.