Revision Plan (Nov. 19th)

After discussing and sharing what I had so far for my project, my reviewer had little in the way of criticisms and recommendations as my project currently stands. However, he did ask how I planned to put together my video (what program, filming techniques, etc.) and how the audience would know the references to the Jack Tales that I was using (i.e. will the audience know the original stories and understand the remix?)

My plan for revision:

To answer these questions, I am revising my project plan to make the story as easy as possible to follow by making it so that an uninformed audience understands it as a complete mash of other stories into an original production. I will accomplish this through the opening tittles and credits by referencing the works I have pulled from, as well as stating that the film is a remix/mash of the stories told by the authors cited in the credits. Additionally, I have revised my project timeline to push back filming and video editing to next week, but voice-over work, narration audio recording and soundtrack work will take place this week and over the weekend.