Project 3 Timeline and Progress on my Project

This will be my timeline for my Project 3: Remix a Story, a remix of Appalachian Jack tales:

  • Friday, Nov. 7th- Continue work on storyboard and Research
  • Monday, Nov. 10th- “Finalized” Storyboard
  • Wednesday, Nov. 12th- begin setting up/attaining all props, video clips, etc.
  • Nov. 13th-16th- Start shooting scenes for project
  • Monday, Nov. 17th- Presentation Sign-up
  • Wednesday, Nov. 19th- Rough Cut for Peer Feedback; Project 3 Revision Plan.
  • Friday, Nov. 21st- Selfie showing myself at work.
  • Dec. 3rd–10th- In-class Presentations.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 10th- Project Due by 11:55 PM EST
  • Thursday, Dec. 11th- recover… or finish other class projects

What I’ve done and Why (as of Wed., Nov 5th) 

So far for this week, I have finalized the main story I am going to be remixing, furthered research on the story and others like it, as well as created an initial write-up/rough outline for the project. Mainly, I began to outline my project so that I could get a jump start on it ahead of other class work and scheduling issues that will be limiting the time I can spend on the project, as well as begin to have a concrete basis on which to create and organize my storyboard on. The further research I have done so far has been reading more “Jack Tales” that are similar to or related to the main story I am focusing on. I have done this to give myself more more ideas for the project as well as make the remix of the story more involved and maintain the risk element I laid out in my proposal(s). The Ideas I have come up with and wish to incorporate into my project from this research are to include additional Jack tale characters, story references to other Jack tales, as well as ways to set these character into modern day Montgomery County, VA.

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