What I Did Over Thankgiving Break and Why

The work I did on my project over break included recording the audio for the opening title, introduction and credits portion of my production. This took a little bit of time as after I had the script written, I had to practice how I wanted the narrator to sound, how the script would be read, and other little details to make sure it was believable; add trying multiple times to get the recording I wanted or a reading where I didn’t flub it up, and you’re looking at 45-60 min of time invested. Perhaps that’s too much time, but it will be worth it when my end product is the in the style and quality I want it at.

I also have begun filming, and gathered ‘B-roll’ footage and images for tittle/credits section of the film, as well as started a draft of the credits. I have done this in order to give the audience something to look at while they are introduced to the story via the narrator, to give the credits a background to sit on instead of blankness, and to set the theme for the audience. The soundtrack is still a work in progress, as not very much of the royalty free or creative commons music that’s in the theme that I want is very good. I do have a few in mind though, and will apply them when I am closer to finishing my project to see which one fits the best. And finally, I began to create my film in Adobe Premiere Elements 9, the video editor I have chosen for this project.