What I did

Since Friday, I finished my storyboard. I included the link above. It is a simple storyboard using GoogleDocs and images on each slide. The images represent the clips that I will use in the video. This is a good visual outline for me as I create my video. I also worked on gathering my video clips from YouTube. I have pretty much finished gathering clips, but I am still gathering a few last minute ones that I want to incorporate. I have to re-watch some of the movies to find times and to see which parts I want to use.

Why I did it

I wanted to finish my storyboard so I would have a clear outline to create my video with. I finished gathering clips because I wanted to stick to the outline I set up for myself. I have to re-watch parts of the movies because I want to capture the best parts to demonstrate my theme. I want to find scenes from the movies with great lines and visuals that represent what I am trying to achieve.