revision plan

After feedback today, I have some revisions to do. Some of the strengths of my draft are the different movies and clips I incorporated to give the video meaning. When I showed my draft, I was worried that the video was a little too cheesy. However, my group said that a little cheese was good and that it was ok in my video.

One of the biggest aspects of my project that I need to revise is the sound. One song is louder than the other. You can’t hear some of the clips because they are too quiet or the song is too loud. I need to get all of the clips in place before I work on changing the levels because I have to split the audio. Revising the sound levels will have to be one of the last changes I make. I also might want to incorporate another song in the middle. In this draft, the music goes abruptly from sad music to uplifting music and I want to have a song in the middle to show the progression in the clips and throughout the video. The next time I work on my project, I will incorporate a new song and line it up with the clips. Once I get everything lined up, I can work on adjusting the sound levels.

Lastly, I need to add a title clip with a title for my video and a end clip with credits. I have to credit the movies and the tv show that I use. I also need to give credit to the songs that I use.