doing work


working on my project

What I did

Tonight, I worked on my project for a little over an hour. I mostly worked on the music. I added markers to the songs (seen in the picture below) and aligned the video with the markers that I added. I lined up the scene splits with the beat of the music. I also lined up important clips with specific parts of the music. I had to listen to the songs a few times to decide which parts of the music should align with which clips.

Why I did it

I marked the music in iMovie so I would know where to line up the clips. I wanted to line up the clips with the music so the video would have be more cohesive. With these new changes, visual and audio work together to help my video have more impact. Now that I am almost finished with the audio aspect of my video, I am pretty much finished with my video. I just have to keep tweaking the audio and some of the clips and add some final touches.

music marks

The music marks I added to the music (the blue arrows above the green bar)