final touches

What I did

Today I worked on making some final touches to my video. I am still working on lining up the music with the video and deciding whether or not I am going to add another song in the middle. I have to make this decision and put in the new song before I can make the final edits to adjust the audio levels. I have also been tweaking the length of the clips individually. I have started to think about credits and how I am going to cite my sources. I also started working on my presentation.

Why I did it

I am working on the audio because it is an important aspect and because it is one of the only aspects of my video that I have left to complete. I want to add a new song because the first song does not flow well into the second song; I need a little transition between the two. I am tweaking some of the clips because when I re-watched the video, a few seemed too long. I need to add credits to cite my sources and I started on my presentation because I am presenting on Wednesday.