splicing and dicing

What I did

Since Monday, I have worked on splicing my clips together in iMovie. It is a tedious process that must be done with precision and attention to detail. I am working on getting the clips that I want from the full length clips and putting them in a rough order. After I have all the clips I want and think I need, I will put them in a more concrete order. As of now, I have a rough cut that I am still editing. I am still realizing more clips that I need to fill in gaps in the movie. So far, I am using about 4 movies and one tv show. I might incorporate more.

Why I did it

I am right on track with the schedule I set up for myself. Right now, I have a rough cut that I need to continue editing and adding shorter clips to make it cohesive. I am still looking for clips and splicing them because I have a mental image of what the final product will be, and I really want to achieve that. I want it to be the way I pictured it, but I still have a lot of editing to do before it gets there.