Wednesday, October 6

What I Did:

I worked on my Affordances and Constraints page, and I’m almost done.  I want to include one or two more screenshots, and maybe include a conclusion weighing the two.  I also included some critiques on how the interface used various modes of communication.

Why I Did It:

I wanted to finish that section because it was the last part (I think) that I needed to work on for the essay.  I wrote about the modes of communication because I wanted to relate it back to the chart, and critique it by that rubric and not just my own judgment.

What I Still Need To Do:

I’m thinking about writing a conclusion to the Affordances and Constraints page where I summarize the arguments behind both and come out with a conclusion of my opinion.  I also need to work on my presentation now; I’m thinking of using the video I embedded along with some screenshots, so I might have a head start on it.