Brb, moving into InnovationSpace for the next month

What I Did

I spent five hours in InnovationSpace this weekend and two class periods working exclusively on the cover of my project, and I just started the last image. I created a background, selected a font for the title, and drew four princesses and the princess, along with backgrounds for three of the princesses plus the last one, who I intend to finish at InnovationSpace. I finally figured out how to use illustrator. Personally, I think my images don’t look much better than what I could do in Paint in half the time, but I’m going for a childish look. I realized that I’m in way over my head, and I’m going to log a crazy number of hours on this project. My bus was a couple minutes early, so it drove off just as I got within site of the bus stop, so I got an early presentation slot. I also realized that the cover is the only ridiculously image-heavy portion of the project, so I’m hoping it’s all downhill from here.

Why I Did It

I spent all of my free time on Sunday in InnovationSpace because I designated Sundays a catch-up day in my plan, and I’m already hugely behind even with the equivalent of six extra class periods of work outside of the classroom. I only left at 8 because they closed. I worked exclusively on the cover because that led me to spend the vast majority of my time in Illustrator, and being immersed in the program for so long helped me to better understand it. I’m designing images that look childish because the original story is intended for children, and I think that the kiddie look contrasts nicely with the bad princesses.