Working from home: Timeline

Here’s my timeline for the project. Really, it reads more like a schedule, because I wasn’t able to find a timeline generator that allowed me to go into as much detail as I felt necessary about what I was doing every day.

Timeline for Project 3

W, 11/5: Project Timeline

F, 11/7: Create different versions of reject princesses using illustrator, dabble in InDesign to help determine capabilities and size constraints, present pitch

Su, 11/9: Finish any remaining tasks from previous week at InnovationSpace

M, 11/10: Mockup, Storyboard, and/or Outline

W, 11/12: Make firm selections for images to be used, revise as necessary, place them in document

F, 11/14: Write main text based on image examples selected and place them in the document

Su, 11/16: Finish any remaining tasks from previous week at InnovationSpace

M, 11/17: Presentation Sign-up, begin work on side bars (supplementary polls, emphasized quotes, etc)

W, 11/19: Rough Cut for Peer Feedback, Project 3 Revision Plan

F, 11/21: Selfie Showing Yourself at Work, revise

M, 12/1: Make final revisions, go to InnovationSpace if necessary

W, F, M, W, 12/3-12/10: In-class presentations

W, 12/10: Project Due by 11:55 PM

What I Did

I created a timeline for my project that will help me to stay on schedule during the project construction period. I made sure that every critical step in the process was specifically mentioned on at least one day, and I included a catch-up day every week on Sunday (or Monday, in the case of the final week, because I wasn’t sure if InnovationSpace would reopen on the Sunday or Monday after Thanksgiving).

Why I Did It

I included each step because I want to make sure that I don’t forget about anything. I included catch-up days on Sundays because I have meetings on campus on Sundays, so it will be easy for me to get to InnovationSpace if I need to catch up. I need InnovationSpace for most of the work I’ll be doing for this project, as I do not have InDesign or Illustrator on my computer. I thought that it was important to have a catch-up day so that I can stay focused on what I’m supposed to do each day in class. There are some days that I’m already worried about not having enough time (especially character creation, since I’ve never used Illustrator), and I want to ensure that, if I do fall behind, I am able to catch up with my schedule before it becomes overwhelming to do so.