What I Did

Today in class, I set up my initial blog. I signed up for WordPress, and I created my profile with a blog title and tagline. I also started to customize my site by selecting a theme and adding a picture of my own to my header. 

Why I Did It

When choosing my blog title and tagline, I tried to choose things that were catchy but also direct and to the point. I titled my blog “Rebecca’s Writing” to make an alliterative, catchy sound. For my tagline, I wrote, “A site dedicated to my thoughts, photos, and more” to try to give a quick and simple snapshot of what would be featured on my blog. When I started customizing my site, I kept in mind that I want my design to focus on photos from my study abroad trip I took this summer. For example, my header photo is one I took in Cinque Terre, Italy. Because these photos are very colorful, I chose a simple theme to make them pop.