9/10/14 – Remaining Blog Work

What I Did

Today, I peer reviewed 2 other blogs that my classmates created. I also looked at the feedback I received from my peers and started making some final touches, like adding a photo and reordering my menu bar.

Why I Did It

I got two really good suggestions from my peer reviewers. One was to put my “Site Information” page last on my menu bar, because it logically comes last in significance. The other one was to add a photo of myself to the series of photos on the sidebar so that readers can connect my face to the blog without having to visit the about page.

What I Still Need to Do 

Before turning in my blog, I have to complete a few final things:

  1. add a picture of myself to the sidebar
  2. proofread for mechanical accuracy
  3. proofread for conciseness
  4. proofread to make sure that all links work
  5. check for ways to make site more multimodal

Other than that, I am basically done with my blog!