9/5/14 – Multimodal Dig

1. Agenda- L, V, S

2. Notebook- L, V

3. Folder- L, V

4. Hokie Passport- L, V, G

5. “Corriere del ticinio” pen- L, V

6. Water bottle- V

7. Candy Crush- L, V, S, A

8. 2048- L, V, S, A

9. Pic Stitch- V

10. Pinterest App- L, V, S, G

11. Pack of tissues- L, V, S

12. Eyeglasses pouch- V, S

IMG_3414 copy


Throughout all my texts, Linguistic and Visual were the most common modes of communication used. Most of my items had words on them, using a Linguistic mode, and most of them had colors or logos, using a Visual mode. The items that had patterns on them also used the Spatial mode of communication because of how the different designs were laid out. The texts that used the most kinds of modes were the apps on my phone, such as 2048. This uses visual in the words and numbers, the visual design of the blocks, the spatial aspect of trying to fit them together on the screen, and the aural mode of sound in the game. Other texts were far more simple- my water bottle, for example, uses just the visual elements of its color and its logo. I think my most unusual text was a pen that I have from a newspaper station in Switzerland called “Corriere del Ticino.”