Project Timeline

Monday, 11.10 — Divide story up into diary entries with specific dates,
decide where sketches will appear
Wednesday, 11.12 —¬†Work on sketches for diary,
consider other “artifact options”
Friday, 11.14 — Begin writing diary entries and interview
Monday, 11.17 — Have rough drafts written of all Ichabod’s diary entries and Brom’s interview (develop specific narrative voices for each)
Wednesday, 11.19 — Finalize diary entries and Brom’s interview,
test EZ Flippr software,
record Brom’s interview between now and Friday
Friday, 11.21 — Use Illustrator to create diary (handwritten entries, old paper, coffee stains, etc),
post selfie showing self at work
Over Break 11.24-28 —¬†
Monday, 12.01 — Finalize diary, insert into EZ Flippr (or other) software,
prepare for presentation.
_____________ — Presentation date
Wednesday 12.10 — Final Project due before midnight

What I did was make a timeline, I did it to stay organized and on task.