Revision Plan

My draft showed the basic idea of my project, but wasn’t anything close to a final product. I think it showed my intentions well and it received positive feedback from my peers. It will be problematic for me to really do a good job making the transition from Ichabod’s diary to Brom’s narrative (if I decide to do that) given that they are probably going to be on different mediums.

I need to change the font and size a bit, as well as include the sketches throughout to break up all the text.

I’d like to try adding background music, but I’m not sure how to do that since wordpress is restrictive and at this point I’m not even sure how to get the flip book into wordpress at all. I’d rather not link to it since FlipSnack’s site doesn’t have the feel I’m looking for. I think I could code a window within a window if wordpress wasn’t so locked down. Right there I have a lot of issues to solve.

Before the next due date I can definitely finish my project, but the final result will be a challenge to fine-tune and perfect.

Here’s the draft.