9/8/14 – Canva work continued

What I Did

Today, I worked on adding more to my Web essay. I’ve completed a first draft of my web essay, but it could still use a little bit more information, especially on constraints. I also started editing my pages.

Why I Did It

I want to get a first draft of my Web essay done before the weekend so all I have to do is focus on editing and fine-tuning it. I read through my pages to see if the organization flowed, look for spelling/grammar errors, and look for places to add more information.

What I Still Need to Do

Most importantly, I need to do my class presentation on Canva. I’m presenting on Wednesday, so I want to make at least a quick draft of my presentation before the weekend. I want to start a little early because I’m making my presentation on Canva, so it may take me a little time to get used to it.