10/13/14 – Project 2 Presentations

I thought that today’s presentations covered a really interesting range of tools. The ones I was most drawn to were Creativisit and PicMonkey. I think those would be good options for me to look into using for my Project 3.  I was drawn to PicMonkey because, while I enjoy using photo editing software like Photoshop, I’m not very proficient in it because it’s too expensive to buy. I thought that PicMonkey looked like a more user-friendly version of Photoshop, and it seems like a tool that could be useful in a variety of situations.

Creativist looked like a potentially useful platform for making my third project. I’m much better with writing and imagery than I am with video, so I might make my third project in a story format. If that’s what I choose to do, I think Creativist could be a good tool to employ despite its limitations that Jenna pointed out.

Overall, the presentations today were well done and helped me think about what I want to do for my third project.