What I Did and Why: 11/10

Today I worked on the actual Fakebook site and it’s kind of been a struggle. I tried to put in all of Belles “friends” and give them profile pictures but you can’t resize images on the site and sometimes it does something weird to the size of the photo you upload. It also won’t allow certain photos to be uploaded and randomly replaces the photos with a weird image from the site. Working with the rest of the site is pretty simple but I’m going to have to figure out a way around that constraint. I still need to add all of her friends, update her personal information, add a cover photo, and start writing posts on the wall but I have a pretty good start.

I also did a rough outline of my story on my storyboard to help me with the Facebook posts and the streamline of information I need to get on the page.

belle 1belle 2belle 3belle 4